Central America Islands Image: Point of view—a hand extends a yellow snorkel in the water. The camera looks through the goggles to the nearby island.

Amazing Island Escapes in Central America

Why just head to the beach when you can have a whole island of beaches to explore? So, which are the best Central America islands to visit, and what makes them so great? There is something about islands, isn’t there? Surrounded by the ocean and fringed with beaches, islands across the planet have their own …

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Ecuador Wildlife Image: A marine iguana and five blue-footed boobies sit on a Galapagos Island rock.

Ecuador: Where The Wild Things Are…

We’ve handpicked the best Ecuadorian jungle treks and wildlife tours. If you’re a photographer or animal lover, read on to discover exactly where to find the rare and beautiful beasts that call this part of the world home. The jungles of Ecuador are a dreamscape of biodiversity that are sadly under pressure from government-sanctioned corporate …

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Birdseye view of the Amazon from Andes Amazon Funds

This Spring, Peru Celebrates A New National Park

Yet another reason to rejoice on Earth Day 2018: Peru has expanded its area of protection within the Amazon rainforest. Learn why this is important, and why you should visit this enchanted wonderland before it’s too late. When much of the world is engrossed in springtime celebrations, Peru welcomes the beginning of the dry season. …

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Stalactites drop down from the top of a cavern—hovering above turquoise water which is illuminated from below. Fish can be seen swimming.

4 Wet & Wild Cave Floating Adventures

This summer, cool off in a cave. From canoeing, to wading, to cave tubing, there’s an underground experience for everyone. Let’s go cave floating! Deep, dark, and foreboding… Yep. That pretty much sums up what comes to mind when you hear the word “cave,” which is a shame. The fearless know that these underground chambers …

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A partial aerial view shows Mayan ruins emerging from a rainforest.

Mayan Civilization—Discoveries Renewed

New technology in 2018 leads to a breakthrough in discovering new Mayan ruins in Guatemala. According to “National Geographic,” new LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology has led to an unprecedented development in Guatemala’s Mayan ruins. Researchers are now noting that the remnants of the Maya reveal, “…a sprawling pre-Columbian civilization that was far more …

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