Imagination Bus Image: A colorful depiction of the imagination bus on a black chalkboard background.

Support Children’s Literacy With The Imagination Bus

Costa Rica offers the world so much beauty and delight. It’s time to give something back, by supporting children’s literacy. Hop on the ‘Imagination Bus’ to learn more… An Interview Featuring: Cynthia Crummer Pure Trek Canyoning’s Founder & CEO Cynthia Crummer is an outdoor enthusiast on a mission, but this time, she’s sharing a different …

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Accessible Travel Image: A wheelchair sign points toward a path leading into a jungle.

Costa Rica Eco Hotels Designed for Accessible Travel

Costa Rica is a leader in sustainable tourism. It’s also increasingly expanding options for accessible travel. Our team is ready to help you design the universally accessible, green vacation of your dreams. Make no mistake, some planning ahead is still a must. New buildings have to meet accessibility requirements, but that’s not the case for …

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A market stand full of colorful baskets of tropical fruits.

6 Costa Rican Foods You MUST Try

Enjoy a culinary adventure when you’re visiting Costa Rica—sample these six can’t miss foods recommended by our staff. When in Costa Rica, eat as the locals eat. Sounds easy enough, until you realize that you’re not exactly sure what that is. Latin American cuisine does have some commonalities, but each country also prides itself on …

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Costa Rica Rafting – 6 Adrenaline Pumping Rivers Await

Ready for an action-packed adventure on your next holiday? Get ready…you’re going whitewater rafting in Costa Rica! Rafting in Costa Rica is the definition of exhilaration. Though many travelers come to Costa Rica for ecotourism, adventure travel is a close second. During Costa Rica’s rainy season, from August to November, the rivers get faster and …

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How to Travel ‘Green’ In Costa Rica

Do some good for the planet and for yourself when you make your holiday in Costa Rica extra eco-friendly. Environmentally friendly vacations are increasingly popular. They’re easy to plan if you choose a green country like Costa Rica. Costa Rica is one of world’s leaders in sustainable travel, and they go way beyond recycling. Today, …

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