Yaks in shades of black, brown, cream, and black and white trek the snowy Himalaya. A person in a red parka is bringing up the rear.

How To: Train to Trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp

The short answer? Long-ass walks with backpacks. It is a mental game—prepare to be uncomfortable at times. There’s a common misconception that visiting Mount Everest isn’t worth it if you aren’t going into ‘beast mode’ to reach the summit; ironically, for such a long climb, nothing could be further from the truth. You don’t have to …

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How to Travel ‘Green’ In Costa Rica

Do some good for the planet and for yourself when you make your holiday in Costa Rica extra eco-friendly. Environmentally friendly vacations are increasingly popular. They’re easy to plan if you choose a green country like Costa Rica. Costa Rica is one of world’s leaders in sustainable travel, and they go way beyond recycling. Today, …

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5 Mystical Destinations Where You Can Seek Answers

Travel for every reason: cultural exchange, adventure, and a connection to humankind. The world has always held mysteries. Ready to search for something greater than yourself? Find incredible scenery at these 5 mystical destinations. The locations on this list tend to attract New Age practitioners and holistic healers. As you build your itinerary, put aside …

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