The passport of a citizen of the United States of America rests in the pocket of a piece of black luggage.

How To Legally Travel To Cuba As An American

Yes, you can still legally travel to Cuba as a citizen of the United States. Plan accordingly based on the revised rules and regulations. Updated: June 2019 First, citizens of the United States could freely travel to Cuba, then we could under certain conditions, now those restrictions have changed. If you’re a bit perplexed by …

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Cuban Homestays Image: A turquoise colored classic car drives past colorful apartments on a sunny day.

Cuban Homestays — Get to Know Havana

Deepen your travel experience, directly support Cuban nationals and get the inside scoop on local favorites with these Cuban Homestays. In Havana’s heyday — from the turn of the century until the 1950s — several grand hotels served as opulent getaways for foreign superstars and high-ranking mafia members. Sadly, these hotels haven’t maintained their former …

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Are Cuba's Beaches Nice Image: A blue and white classic American car is parked near a beach with clear blue water, and a leafy umbrella.

Are Cuba’s Beaches Nice?

Images of Cuba’s beaches look like a postcard, but when you get there in real life: Are Cuba’s beaches nice? In this article, we’ll help you discover which beach best suits your needs—not all beach holidays are created equal. Are Cuba’s beaches nice?… It’s easy to be awestruck by pictures of Cuban beaches. The water …

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Salsa Dancing in Cuba: A professional couple is all dressed up and dances in front of a live band.

6 Sizzling Salsa Dance Halls & Live Shows In Cuba

Go back in time on the streets of Havana and stage your own revolution as you learn to dance salsa, dine in style, and delight in the fascinating culture of this sunny, relaxing, and tourist-friendly destination. Let’s go salsa dancing in Cuba! Sultry Cuban nights and sophisticated cocktails. Treat yourself to a party you won’t …

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Stalactites drop down from the top of a cavern—hovering above turquoise water which is illuminated from below. Fish can be seen swimming.

4 Wet & Wild Cave Floating Adventures

This summer, cool off in a cave. From canoeing, to wading, to cave tubing, there’s an underground experience for everyone. Let’s go cave floating! Deep, dark, and foreboding… Yep. That pretty much sums up what comes to mind when you hear the word “cave,” which is a shame. The fearless know that these underground chambers …

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