A colorful assortment of Sibu chocolates in various designs and sizes.

The Best Chocolate You’re Not Eating—But Should Be

That fine “European” chocolate you’re enjoying may be courtesy of Central or South America. Read this article, and you’ll never look at this tropical fruit derivative the same way again. Mmm…chocolate. Whether you prefer yours dark, milk, or semi-sweet; liquified, baked, frozen, or turned into a confection; your delicious treat begins with the humble theobroma …

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5 Mystical Destinations Where You Can Seek Answers

Travel for every reason: cultural exchange, adventure, and a connection to humankind. The world has always held mysteries. Ready to search for something greater than yourself? Find incredible scenery at these 5 mystical destinations. The locations on this list tend to attract New Age practitioners and holistic healers. As you build your itinerary, put aside …

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