Eat In Peru Image: A plate of lomo saltado; stir-fried meat and vegetables.

What Does A Typical Family Eat In Peru?

Peru boasts award winning cuisine, but what is mealtime like when you aren’t dining in fine restaurants? *Spoiler alert*: What you eat in Peru on a day-to-day basis is anything but boring! Featuring Anywhere Expert: Percy Coll When you think of Peru, you probably think of Machu Picchu, but the country also has an impressive …

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Ultimate Peruvian Souvenirs Image: A group of women sit at looms and weave textiles by hand.

Ultimate Peruvian Souvenir Guide

Wondering what special Peruvian souvenirs to look out for on your travels through the Andes, the Amazon, and the South Pacific coast? Our Anywhere Globetrotter has the lowdown. Whether you love or hate shopping, there is no denying the excitement of finding that perfect souvenir that will remind you of your trip for years to …

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Two llamas are in the foreground whilst Peru's Machu Picchu is in the background.

The Case of The Machu Picchu Travel Rumors

Sometimes, good old-fashioned human relationships are better intel than search engine alerts. Anywhere Peru Manager Cesar Nizama teaches us that in the world of travel agents, it’s all about who you know. When heading to Machu Picchu, rumors have their place—if your intel is good: Adventure travel doesn’t have to be full of high adrenaline …

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