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Travel Your Way to a Greener World

Sustainable Tourism Image; An airplane made of green leaves takes off from a wooden floor.
Until we can travel the world sans fossil fuels, let’s offset our carbon emissions.

Authentic cultural exchanges. Supporting economic development. Seeing extraordinary sites created by humankind and nature. There are many legitimate reasons to expand your horizons by seeing the world, but even the most seasoned globetrotters draw a blank when it comes to answering the question: how can we travel more sustainably?

Green travel isn’t just another buzzword, it’s a necessity. The paradox of ecotourism is the pollution it takes to efficiently reach our destinations. A single flight from New York City to Costa Rica’s Juan Santamaría International Airport creates 2.85 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Making that same trip from London? That’ll be 7.66 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Carbon Offset Packages

How do we have it all? How do we travel greener and uphold our environmental ideals?

With Anywhere’s Carbon Offset program, true sustainable tourism is within reach. Now you can feel good about every aspect of your green vacation — including your transportation. When you purchase a Carbon Offset Package, you are directly supporting planet Earth.

Learn more about the environmental impact of travel in “The Easy Way to Offset Your Carbon Footprint.”

Sustainable Tourism Image: Rows of seedlings ready to be planted.
Now you can plant trees every time you travel—with the click of a button.

According to North Carolina State University’s ‘Trees of Strength’ program, planting a single tree can offset 1 tonne of carbon during 40 years of growth, and the benefits are multi-fold. Your participation ensures:

  • The preservation of native tree species.
  • Reforestation of areas previously subject to agricultural grazing.
  • Supporting the environment and economic growth of local communities via nurseries.
  • Teaching school children (the next generation) about environmental sustainability.

and so much more. In the digital age, isn’t it about time that we can change the world with the click of a button? Make all of your ecotourism dreams come true and travel your way to a greener, more sustainable planet.

Carbon Offset Packages

Anywhere Carbon Offset Packages…see the world, save the world.