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"Hola! I'm Guady. I was born in San José, but live in La Fortuna. I’ve traveled throughout most of the country, and can't say that I have one favorite place. Costa Rica is surrounded by natural and cultural wonders — wherever you look, you’ll find a spectacular landscape, a friendly hand, or the “Pura Vida” lifestyle.

With over a decade of experience in tourism, I help make sure Team Anywhere is working smoothly, so nothing gets in the way of planning your best trip ever! You can find me in our Human Resources, Public Relations, and Social Action departments.

During my time at Anywhere, I’ve grown both as an individual and a team member. I have come to appreciate how intimately our company is connected with the well-being of the community. I’m a part of the Blue Flag Ecological Program, the Solid Waste Management Committee, the La Fortuna Cultural Committee, and the Local Emergency Planning Committee. It's very fulfilling to not only love my career, but spend each work day knowing that Anywhere works hard to help make our community a more artistic, sustainable, and beautiful place to live.

Costa Rica is also a country of tradition, and a major tradition in my home is breakfast on Saturday. My husband, my son, and I all sit down and eat gallo pinto — a culinary staple of Costa Rica, and a great way to fuel up for a weekend of walking or hiking. You'll see what I mean when you experience the fruit of Anywhere's efforts on your Costa Rican getaway."