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I’ve been working with tourism for more than fifteen years in travel agencies and Hotels. I was born in Pucallpa, a city located in the central jungle region of Peru, I raised surrounded of nature and near my house there was a huge lake called Yarinacocha where I started to swim after school every afternoon. I moved to Lima after high school where I studied acting, translations in English and German and Hotel and Tourism Business Administration. I like a lot Tourism because it gives me the opportunity to interact with different people and help people giving information about my country. I find Peru as a very fascinating country, different landscapes from coast to highlands and jungle, I travelled almost all over Peru, every big city or small town, every small ancient path or a wonder awarded site have its own fascination, if I have to say what is the most I like of my country, those will be three things, people, culture and food. I like reading too, my favorites writers are Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Roald Dahl, Alvin Tofler, etc. My family is a little bit big, my wife I and our four kids, we enjoy a lot to be together, we like to travel in family, cooking or going out for dinner or whatever but together.