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"Hola! I'm Henry, and I've been a travel professional for nearly 20 years — that includes travel agencies and hotels. I was born in Pucallpa, a city located in the central jungle region of Peru. Where I was raised, I was blessed to be surrounded by nature; near my house, the was a huge lake called 'Yarinacocha,' and I started swimming there every afternoon after school. Peru is known for its mountains, but if you're an avid swimmer too, there are plenty of swimming holes for you to discover on your trip.

I moved to Lima after high school where, I studied acting, translations in English and German, and hotel and tourism business administration. What I enjoy the most about tourism is that it gives me the opportunity to interact with different people from around the world, and share the beauty of Peru with them. I find Peru to be a very fascinating country, with our different landscapes ranging from coast to highlands to jungle. I've travelled all over Peru — every big city or small town, every ancient path or 'wonder awarded' site...If I have to say what I like most about Peru, it is these three things: people, culture, and food. Okay, I like reading too, but I would enjoy that activity outside of Peru as well.

My family is a little bit big, my lovely wife I and have four beautiful children; we enjoy being together — cooking, dining out, playing outside, and especially travelling. Bring your family down to Peru, and we'll make sure your itinerary is full of family-friendly activities, and delicious Peruvian cuisine!"