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I’ve been working in tourism for the past seven years. I studied Business Administration and am currently finishing my marketing degree. Before my position at Anywhere Costa Rica, I worked for a car rental agency, providing customer support and services. I moved to La Fortuna upon the urging of my brother, who worked in tourism and was always talking about how great it was. I took the opportunity and am so happy that I did—it allows me to help people enjoy the wonders of Costa Rica, and also experience some of the country myself. Anywhere has also provided me with the chance to travel outside Costa Rica and meet some incredible people. I traveled to Peru and Panama to expand our operations and helped train new staff in these countries. On my own, I have traveled extensively in Europe and the Americas. I love learning about new cultures and exploring new places. I’m originally from downtown San José, but I’ve lived in La Fortuna for the last several years. Within Costa Rica, I’ve visited areas in Guanacaste, the South and Central Pacific, and the Caribbean, as well volcanoes like Poás, Arenal, and Irazú. I traveled to Peru, Panama, and Guatemala to expand our operations and helped train new staff in these countries. I’ve even climbed Chirripó, the tallest mountain in Costa Rica. I welcome adventures of all sorts! I like zip lining, hiking, swimming, and rafting. I'm also trying to learn Italian. I love spending my time with my family and friends, and enjoy reading good books, especially romantic novels. My favorite movies make me laugh or cheer (comedy and action), and I eat gallo pinto and olla de carne as regularly as I can. I feel blessed to live in Costa Rica – it is truly a magical place!