Hi, I'm Joel Coillo Orcoapaza

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I am 19, I like to play football, I am a fan of ALINZA LIMA, a very popular soccer team here in Peru, I am now working in tourism and I like it a lot, I also like to travel to know my country and its people, when travel I try to play soccer with locals, actually this is my first job and I am very excited for that, as a person and as a professional Anywhere Peru is giving me the opportunity to meet great people, I live in Lima with my parents, I have three younger brothers, we play together a lot, another thing I like a lot from my country is the food and my favorite dishes are the Lomo Saltado, made with beef, onion and tomato served with white rice and French fries, the most popular Ceviche, I like lemon a lot and Anticuchos, it is made with cow heart cooked in a grill.