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"Hello! I'm Leonardo, and as a former Boy Scout, my team and I have what it takes to 'always be prepared' during your vacation. I spent my childhood volunteering within my community, and camping in jungles and on beaches. Most of my summers were spent with my grandfather — exploring 'hidden Costa Rica,' when places were no more than small hamlets.

Exploring my country from an early age has made me appreciate nature. My children, Lucas, Saul, Eliam, and Pedro are my reason for living — now, I try to spend as much time as possible helping them discover the outdoors the same way I got to.

In additon to traveling throughout Costa Rica, I've also travelled abroad. I have fond memories of the East Coast, 'Windy City' (Chicago), and Orange County, California but I cannot lie to you, amigo/amiga — this 'Pura Vida' Country is my favorite place. So, Boy Scout that I am, when you need advice about exploring Costa Rica — I am always ready to help!