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"Hola! I'm Pablo, Anywhere Costa Rica's Manager/jack of all trades — I’ve been working in tourism for over twenty years. I've been a souvenir shop clerk, a waiter, a bartender, receptionist, and even worked in a coffee shop (which is why I make the best coffee in our office). Out of all the jobs I've had in Tourism, working with Anywhere has been my favorite experience; it has allowed me to share my love of Costa Rica with many people from around the world, and in turn, learn about other cultures and faraway places.

I was born and raised in San José. During my childhood, my father worked as a truck driver, and I was often his copilot. These experiences imparted within me a love for the rural areas of Costa Rica, and are a significant reason why I decided to move to Monteverde, which is where I have lived for many years. Nowadays, my wife, son, and I live in La Fortuna with our five dogs — Yogui, Homer, Jack,Troy and Camilo (all rescued dogs). Needless to say, we are an active family!

When I’m not working, my family and I love tending to our garden, walking in the park, eating ice cream, and going out to dinner — typical family activities you can look forward to doing during your holiday. My favorite food is casados with fish, and I love natural drinks that are infused with watermelon or mango — I highly suggest that you try each of these during your trip to Costa Rica. Let's be sure and add them to your travel to-do list..."