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"Hola! My name is Sofia, and if you've come this far in our website, then you can feel confident trusting Anywhere with your trip planning. What I love most about being a travel advisor is that I get to live my clients' experiences through their excitement and stories. I believe that what you put out in the world comes back to you, so I'm focused on nothing but having positive energy and giving people a reason to smile — it makes the travel planning process extra fun!

I'm a coffee enthusiast, and if you are too, then there are some amazing coffee tours you can go on! Are you passionate about music, like I am? Let's get you immersed in Belize and Guatemala's cultural scene. The amazing thing about travel is that there are so many experiences you get to have — new sights, new sounds, new faces...it's an amazing chapter in the story of your life. I'm currently majoring in journalism and hope to one day, be able to tell people's stories the way they were meant to be told — helping you create your travel story is the first step."