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I grew up in Naranjo in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. This area has a great environment for growing coffee and is where I first learned to love coffee. I have been involved in the tourism industry for the last eight years. At the age of 20, I finished my career as an English teacher but was more interested in tourism and exploring my country, so I packed my bags and took a public bus to the Monteverde Cloud Forest. I had never been here before and did not know anybody, but was hired by a zip-lining tour operator. This was a very adventurous year for me. I live in La Fortuna now, a town that is near the Arenal Volcano. When the volcano was active, I had the chance to see fiery eruptions frequently—these will forever remain in my mind. Even though lava is not currently visible, I still love to take pictures of Arenal and enjoy activities like visiting hot springs and hiking in the rainforest. I also love to travel around my country and explore outdoor areas. I love secluded and unique places; fortunately, there are lots of these in Costa Rica. I joined Anywhere Costa Rica six years ago and it has been a wonderful experience. I have extensive knowledge of Costa Rica and have experienced most of the places that I recommend to clients. This is essential in helping me determine the best places for my customers. I am also a travel specialist for our Panama branch. I travelled to Panama in 2013 and help plan trips through our Anywhere Panama website. I would love to assist you in planning an unforgettable expedition to beautiful Costa Rica.