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El Encanto Bed & Breakfast is located in the Caribbean town of Cahuita. Just a five-minute walk from the beach, El Encanto is made up of an assortment of cozy, well-equipped bungalows. Cahuita is a small beachside town with a distinct Afro-Caribbean feel.
Hotel La Diosa is located within Cahuita, a small beach town set along the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Cahuita has excellent beaches and is near the Cahuita National Park.
Magellan Boutique Hotel is located in Cahuita, a small and laid back village along Costa Rica's Caribbean coast. Laying 27 miles (43 km) south of Puerto Limon, Cahuita has a distinct Afro-Caribbean culture - best observed in the slow-paced lifestyle and culinary expressions of its people - as well as a range of lovely beaches and activities.
Le Caméléon lies along the Caribbean coast in the small town of Puerto Viejo. Puerto Viejo is known for its distinct Afro-Caribbean culture, great white-sand beaches, and close proximity to the Cahuita National Park.
Hotel Cariblue is found on the Caribbean coast, in the village of Puerto Viejo. This region offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience a completely different side of Costa Rica. You will find a beautiful mixture of indigenous, afro-Caribbean and Costa Rican cultures, expressed in the way of life, speech and food.
Paradise is real when you visit Puerto de Viejo Limon, Costa Rica. This tropical paradise is home to sunny blue skies; crystal clear, sparkling water; swaying palm trees and tropical fruit; soft, sandy beaches, and colorful wildlife. Enjoy all of this from your sumptuous accommodations at Hotel Aguas Claras, where yoga and outdoor showers are augmented by high thread count organic cotton sheets and high speed internet.
Lirio Lodge is an eco-lodge on the banks of the Madre Dios River, which flows from the nearby Caribbean Sea. While you’re here you’ll have an unspoiled look at Costa Rica’s Caribbean landscape.
The Korrigan Lodge is located 5 miles (8 km) south of Puerto Viejo. Set along the Caribbean coast, this area has spectacular natural scenery and a cultural climate that is much different from the rest of the country.
Caribe Town Hotel has created a maze of little houses on its jungle property. As you wander through the gardens you will come across a monkey or sloth as frequently as you encounter another human. If you make your way to the main house you will find guests taking advantage of the resort’s amenities and community atmosphere.
The Banana Azul hotel is located along the Caribbean Coast in the town of Puerto Viejo, part of the Limon region. Puerto Viejo has a reputation for being beautiful, entertaining, and relaxing.
La Kukula Lodge is nestled along the Southern Caribbean coast amidst the rainforest but only 300 metres from the beautiful white sands of Playa Chiquita which is just a few kilometers from Puerto Viejo de Limon.
The Playa Negra Guesthouse is found in the small town of Cahuita along Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast. Cahuita is known for its laid-back vibe, beautiful beaches and spectacular offshore coral reef.
Manatus Hotel is an all-inclusive hotel in Tortuguero National Park. It is located between the canal and the coast.
The Tortuga Lodge and Gardens is on Costa Rica's northeast Caribbean coast, just offshore of the port town of Limon. Limon is a lively town with a distinct Jamaican influence in the ambiance and foods. The draw of Tortuguero is its slow-moving tropical rivers, astounding rainforests, and the Tortuguero National Park, one of the most important nesting sights of the Green Sea Turtle.
The Suizo Loco Lodge is located on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, in the quaint town of Cahuita. The coast is rich in lush green vegetation, breathtaking beaches and is bathed in tropical sunshine. The village of Cahuita boasts a colorful blend of Costa Rican and Jamaican cultures, exemplifying the easygoing disposition of both countries. The village offers souvenir shops, supermarkets, restaurants and bars.
The Pachira Lodge is located on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica near the National Park of Tortuguero. The lodge is surrounded by a network of very scenic canals and is considered one of the most exotic regions of the world, characterized by its rich flora and fauna. Arriving at this paradise is an exciting and unique experience as it consists of either flying or busing into the coast near Limon and then taking a short boat ride to Tortuguero.
Hotel Mawamba is located in Tortuguero, on a piece of land between a canal and the ocean, just a short walk from the beach. Tortuguero is a network of lake and canals and is accessible only by boat or air. Because of its remote isolation, this hotel offers an exclusive look at a tropical environment that serves as an important nesting ground for sea turtles.
Shawandha Lodge is located on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, in the town of Puerto Viejo. The southern Caribbean coast masterfully blends wilderness and beautiful coastline. You will find a world of beautiful exotic birds, playful animals and smiling people. Puerto Viejo is a laid back beach town, offering a selection of restaurants, gift stores and live entertainment.
Geckoes Lodge offers luxury accommodations, set in the peace of the Costa Rican jungle. Bungalows here are secluded enough to feel private, but are only a short distance from the area’s most popular attractions.
Laguna Lodge lies along Costa Rica's northern Caribbean Zone, an exclusive location on a narrow strip of land between the sea on one side and the Tortuguero-Lagoon on the other. This Region is the most important nesting site in the entire Western half of the Caribbean for the green sea turtle. The Caribbean provides a unique mixture of cultures from the Indigenous to Jamaican influences bringing you a completely different side of Costa Rica.
The Evergreen Lodge is located in the northeastern corner of Tortuguero. This hotel has eco-friendly accommodations and is surrounded by nature.
A neat place to stay in a truly exotic location, Aninga Lodge offers private cabins connected by raised walkways. Keep a lookout for birds, mammals, and other animals while you stay and explore here—Tortuguero is absolutely teeming with wildlife.
Turtle Beach Lodge is located in the Province of Limon in the Tortuguero National Park. Getting to Tortuguero is a wondrous trip as you need to use a plane or boat to arrive there. It's about a three and a half hour boat ride from Puerto Limon, where you can find an active night life, restaurants and bars. A unique difference from this town compared to the rest of Costa Rica is its heavy Afro- Caribbean influence and culture.
Atlantida Lodge is located on the laid back Caribbean coast, in the town of Cahuita. Cahuita is a small village with a beautiful beach that is calm and ideal for swimming. You can also find white and black sand beaches lined with coconut palms, making for a picturesque setting. The town itself is small, yet offers a variety of restaurants, bars and is renowned for its breathtaking national park.
Hotel Almendros y Corales is situated on the breathtaking Caribbean coast, in the heart of the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. The Caribbean coast presents a unique blend of Afro Caribbean, Indigenous and Costa Rican cultures. These mixtures are all noted in the cuisine, lifestyle, and the sounds of reggae and calypso music filling the air, making the Caribbean a truly unique side of Costa Rica.
La Costa de Papito puts you right between some of the best destinations that Talamanca has to offer. Staying here you can walk to Caribbean beaches, and take a short drive to the nearby wildlife refuge.
Azania Bungalows is an exotically designed jungle’s edge hotel located at Cocles Beach in the South Caribbean Region. Visitors will be charmed when relaxing poolside or eating delicious Argentinian style food next to the tropical gardens and thatched roof buildings of Azania Bungalows.
The Coco Loco Lodge is situated in Puerto Viejo de Limon, a town nestled against Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast. Puerto Viejo is a lively community that has developed amongst some seriously picturesque landscapes and enticing seascapes.
Kaya's Place is a rustic lodge located in Puerto Viejo, a town along the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. Puerto Viejo is renowned for its beauty, chilled-out atmosphere, and abundance of activities.
On the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, the Tierra de Sueños ecotourism resort is in Playa Chiquita, which is 3.7 miles (6 km) south of Puerto Viejo. The hotel offers comfortable hardwood bungalows in a jungle setting that is just a short walk from the pristine beaches of Playa Chiquita. The Tierra de Sueños staff, an international, multilingual team, is ready to introduce visitors to Playa Chiquita and a memorable vacation.
The Kenaki Lodge is a beachfront bed and breakfast located in Cahuita, Costa Rica. Accommodations consist of deluxe rooms and private bungalows.
Villas Allen offers guests homey casas that are outfitted with kitchens and spacious rooms. These accommodations are a short distance from everything that Puerto Viejo has to offer. Family villas can accommodate 3 to 6 guests, and junior casas are ideally suited for couples.
Paradise is real when you visit Puerto de Viejo Limon, Costa Rica. This tropical paradise is home to sunny blue skies; crystal clear, sparkling water; swaying palm trees and tropical fruit; soft, sandy beaches, and colorful wildlife. Enjoy all of this from your sumptuous accommodations at Hotel Aguas Claras, where yoga and outdoor showers are augmented by high thread count organic cotton sheets and high speed internet.
La Casa del Mango is a multi-story house with four bedrooms. It sits just a few steps from one of Cahuita’s black sand beaches, where you can swim and snorkel in completely clear water.
Ciudad Perdida Ecolodge is located in the town of Cahuita, along Costa Rica's southern Caribbean coast. This town serves as the gateway to Cahuita National Park, which protects rainforest, white sand beaches, and an intact coral reef.
Samasati Retreat and Rainforest Sanctuary is in the gorgeous setting of the South Caribbean, embedded in 250 acres (101 ha) of lush virgin rain forest overlooking the ocean. This sustainable hotel offers a romantic, tranquil sanctuary for travelers who love to explore nature, seek out adventure, and practice yoga.