What Are the Medical Facilities Like in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has socialized health care that entitles all citizens to medical treatment, a fact that ranks the country very high in worldwide health care standards. Although many of the buildings that house public hospitals are older, the quality of the care is very good.

In addition to public health care centers there are modern private hospitals within San José: Clinica Biblica and CIMA. In destinations across the country there are clinics, pharmacies, and a few regional public hospitals. Clinics are similar to North American family practice facilities where a local doctor is on site.

However, if you only need medicine, it's possible to get most types of medications directly from the pharmacy (even the ones that would require a prescription in the United States). Costa Rica has thus become a good option for both medical tourism and retirees seeking a high quality of medical care at a fraction of the cost.

A full list of private and public hospitals, as well as physicians, can be found on the US Embassy's website.

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