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"We were really happy with the transport on this leg of our trip. We were told that they wouldn't pick us up until 10:00 in Sierpe, although the boat arrived earlier. So we were thrilled when our driver appeared more than an hour early! Again, there was a professional hand-off where we were taken half way by one driver and then transferred to another van for the second part of the trip. That worked incredibly smoothly and we felt like we were being expertly handed off from one professional to another. The trip went fine. However if we go back to Costa Rica we might rent a car next time. A van seems better for a larger group, or for people who are not comfortable driving. "

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We ask our clients to rate each transportation service they book with Anywhere. This information is used to monitor quality of service and provide constructive feedback to our transportation partners. Our commitment to seamless vacations means monitoring the little things every single day. Here’s what you’ll get when you book with Anywhere:

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