Costa Rica Videos - HD Audio and Video

Thinking about a visit to Costa Rica? These videos will give you an honest impression of the sights and sounds of Costa Rica. We’ll introduce you to the landscape, the culture, and the native plants and animals. As you watch the following series, take note of which sights and sounds intrigue you the most. Let us know where you caught a glimpse of your ideal Costa Rica Vacation.

Our Travel Guide, Destination Guide, and Maps are also recommended starting points.

Costa Rica Vacation Videos

In the following Costa Rica travel guides we highlight the best of traveling as a family, oras a couple on a romantic voyage. Balance your adventure vacation with educational tours andactivities. No matter what type of vacation you want, Anywhere Travel makes it doable with ourfree vacation planning.

Today, Costa Rica is one of the world leaders in conservation. Visitors help keep ecotourism a viable part of the Costa Rican economy. It’s easy to find hotels in Costa Rica that grow their own food, get energy from hydropower or solar panels, and produce as little waste as possible. Participate in ecotourism and help Costa Rica remain a safe haven for threatened species.

Get a Feel for Costa Rica Videos

It’s impossible to capture the breadth of Costa Rican scenery in a highlight reel, but these videos will take you into the cloud forest, past waterfalls, and into an otherworldly underwater scene. This will give you an idea of what it’s like to travel in Costa Rica, and the kind of scenery you will encounter between Costa Rica Tours.

Costa Rica Tours and Activities Videos

Check out Costa Rica Tours, and do whatever seems the most out of the ordinary. Wake up your senses with a rafting tour, a hike up a volcano, or a tour through the rainforest at night. Get your blood moving in an aerial yoga class. Watch baby sea turtles enter the ocean for the first time. Think big – our travel team can show you how to get the most out of your Costa Rica Vacations.

Costa Rica Rafting Adventures

Costa Rica -- with its thick forests, soaring canyons, and rushing rivers -- is ripe with rafting opportunities.

Explore Costa Rica at Night

Costa Rica's forests bustle with activity as day fades to night—in fact...

Costa Rica Yoga Vacations

Meet Haley, an aerial yoga teacher in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

Set within the northern lowlands of Costa Rica, the Arenal Volcano has had a powerful influence...

Traveling in Costa Rica Videos

These videos have practical information about what you need when you travel to Costa Rica. When you’re ready to prepare for your trip, we have clips that explain weather and Costa Rican currency. Visualize your adventure vacation as we take you on a drive through the countryside to the beach.

Costa Rica A Rich Coast

From beaches to rainforests Costa Rica has truly loaded with beauty.

Drive Trough Costa Rica

One of the best ways to encounter Costa Rica is by renting a car...

Costa Rica Currency

The Costa Rican unit of currency is the colón...

Anywhere Costa Rica Weather

People often ask about the weather in Costa Rica. Is it wet or dry? Warm or cold?

Costa Rica Private Transportation

Do you want to travel to different places in Costa Rica...

The People of Costa Rica Videos

Costa Rica Vacations put you in touch with some of the most down-to-earth people in the world. In these videos we will introduce you to some locals who explain the easygoing Costa Rican attitude. Maybe it’s the lush scenery, or maybe it’s the bountiful seafood and fresh cooking. In any case, nothing gets taken for granted.

Costa Ricans take pride in their country’s natural beauty as well as their culture. Watch this series to see how Costa Ricans are shaping their children’s futures, as well as the future of the environment.

Rescate Los Valores en Costa Rica

Meet Johnny Williams, a retired soccer player who now runs the "Tortuguero Value Rescuing Group" in Tortuguero

From the Sea to The Table

The Caribbean side of Costa Rica has more Afro-Caribbean inhabitants and a different type of cuisine

School in Costa Rica

Costa Rica doesn't have an army. This allows it to pump more money into other efforts...

Regenerating our Costa Rica Forest

Costa Rica has some of the best forest conservation policies in Central America...

Costa Rica Artisans Videos

This is your Costa Rica Travel Guide to the local art scene. Art flourishes in Costa Rica’s lush landscape. In these videos you’ll hear about the artist’s processes and inspiration. Watch artists create stylized images of Costa Rican plants and animals, using mediums like blown glass and oil paint. One artist makes sculptures out of recycled trash. Another makes ceramics as part of a tradition passed down from the pre-Columbian era. This is just a small sample of the native talent you will get to see in small galleries and workshops throughout Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Artisans - Clay and Time

In this short video, you'll become acquainted with Arbin, a pottery maker who lives in Tamarindo and...

Costa Rica Artisans- Oil and Canvas

In this video, Costa Rican artist Mendez invites viewers into his studio and explains the reason that he...

Costa Rica Artisans - Glass and Heat

While traveling in Costa Rica, you're certain to see various artisans selling their goods along the street or...

Costa Rica Artisans - Macramé

Macramé is a form of textile making that uses knotting rather than knitting or weaving. It has a...

Costa Rica Artisans - Recycling

Meet Erian Herrera Quiros, a man who turns trash into art.

Wildlife in Costa Rica Videos

Travel to Costa Rica to see cloud forests and other rare habitats. On Costa Rica Tours you can visit wildlife preserves where dedicated biologists help reintroduce animals back into the wild. In the forest you’ll find a new world of insects, including swarms of butterflies fanning their iridescent wings. Along the Caribbean coast, enormous leatherback sea turtles come ashore to lay eggs. When you visit the forest, watch for monkeys in the canopies, and sloths in the middle of marathon snoozes.

Costa Rica Jaguar Rescue Center

The center's mission is to offer first response for animals in the region. Many of the animals require...

Mammals of Costa Rica

In this video, you'll see sloths, coatis, howler monkeys, spider monkeys, white-faced capuchin monkeys, and olingos.

Costa Rica Monkey Business

Costa Rica is home to more than 200 mammal species. In this video, you'll see sloths, coatis, howler...

Amphibians of Costa Rica

This video showcases the frogs of Costa Rica, including the blue-jeans poison-dart frog, black and green poison-dart frog,...

Invertebrates of Costa Rica

Welcome to the wonderful world of invertebrates.

Birds of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known internationally for its fantastic birding. The country's mainland and territorial waters host more than...

Hanging Out With Sloths

The sloths of Costa Rica -- both the two-toed and three-toed varieties -- live in tropical forests throughout...