Goa Bangkang

If Batman was from Lombok, this is where he’d hang out. This cave complex is home to thousands of sleeping bats in the daytime. At sunset, visitors are treated to the spectacle of the bats streaming out of the cave en masse, off for nocturnal food hunting. The cave is a cooling and curious stop on a hot afternoon spent exploring nearby southern beaches. Goa Bangkang is located about 3 miles (5 km) west of Kuta in Prabu Village, right between Kuta Beach and Are Guling Beach.

Goa Bangkang
Lombok, Indonesia,

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The cave is right off Jalan Mawun so there’s no trekking required to find it. You’ll encounter handmade signs touting “A Mystical Neverland with Bats and Snakes” and “A Magical Experience” pointing to the cave. Pull over there and stroll into the underworld. You may encounter a few hawkers on the way in selling wood carvings or offering to tell your fortune. A word of caution — many bats equals a lot of bat guano, which means there is an acrid smell in large parts of the cave, and there is a chance that guano could fall on you. If you see someone selling a medical mask, it’s a worthy purchase, and consider using a poncho or umbrellas while observing the bat population.

Goa Bangkang is hundreds, if not thousands of years old, but the cave’s history is largely unknown. The cave has upper and lower levels. The upper cave has a large hole in the ceiling that creates a giant shaft of light in the center of the cave floor. The upper section is smaller than the lower section, where you can walk inside quite a bit. This setting is great for panoramic cave shots. Both areas have brown and green rock walls with penetrating shafts of light scattered about. During the day, the bats sleep peacefully in the ceiling, and visitors can watch them take flight from the safety of the cave exterior at dusk.