Kuta Lombok Beach

The flagship beach of the Kuta Lombok area, this 4.3-mile (7-km) stretch of coastline has scenic views and popular surf breaks. It is the most developed of Southern Lombok’s beaches yet undeveloped compared to Bali’s Kuta. Kuta Lombok is known as the “Pepper Coast” for its peppercorn-like sand. While it is not the nicest of the area’s beaches, it is a central location from which to explore the surrounding coast. Kuta Beach is located 25 minutes south of Lombok International Airport in Praya and 37 miles (60 km) south of Mataram. Make sure to stay safe and keep an eye on your belongings on the beach — recent growth in Kuta has resulted in improved conditions and services, beach theft has become an issue.

Kuta Lombok Beach
Lombok, Indonesia,

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Kuta Beach is located on the southern outskirts of Kuta town proper. Winding roads pass through traditional Sasak communities to the beach. The beach is lined with chill beach bars, local restaurants and food stalls (warungs), and various accommodations ranging from backpacker hostels to the deluxe hotels. There is a bit of a construction boom underway, so it may be challenging to find peace and quiet here in the daytime.

The offshore surf breaks here are a big attraction. Surfboards are available for rent and you can book surf lessons. The water is rather shallow, which is good for children but may not be ideal for experienced swimmers. Swim conditions are better at the area by the Novotel called Mandalinka Beach. Here you’ll also find Mandalinka Hill, an easy climb that overlooks Kuta Beach vistas and picturesque sunsets. At low tide, there are long walks with abundant tidepools ready to explore. There are healthy reefs not far offshore for snorkeling.