Mawi Surf Spot & Beach

Mawi Beach is one of the many candidates for the most beautiful beach in Lombok. The beach is considered somewhat difficult to find. It’s well-known to the international surf community as a choice location for big waves. Pristine beaches surrounded by hills with spectacular scenery makes Mawi a great place to visit for both surfers and beach lovers. It’s located in Central Lombok Regency, 40 minutes west of Kuta Lombok and 1 hour south of Lombok International Airport.

Mawi Surf Spot & Beach
Lombok, Indonesia,

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The big attraction here is some of the biggest waves in Lombok. Mawi beach is west-facing and has an exposed reef break with fairly consistent surf. The best waves appear from May to October. The break is usually a hollow left, but in peak conditions, it becomes a fun A-frame. It can get quite powerful and is recommended for experienced surfers. The line-up can get crowded when Mawi is pumping. There are numerous potential hazards including rip tides, rocks, and sharks.

There’s plenty to enjoy here if you’re not a surfer. Mawi Beach is very scenic, with mixed-texture sand. There are two beaches split by a small headland. One is where the break is, so you’ll find that side populated by surfers from all around the world. The other side is perfect for sunbathing and relaxing. If the waves and tide permit, you can swim but beware of rip tides and reef rocks. Climb up the headlands to take in the panoramic vistas, or just watch the surfers carve the waves below. Often the hills are covered in a variety of wildflowers. There are a few simple warungs that hire umbrellas and beach chairs, as well as serving up the requisite coconuts and cold drinks. If you are surfing, you can give a small tip to a local to watch your belongings on the beach.

There are no accommodations at Mawi, so most visitors make a day trip from Kuta Lombok. The road to Mawi is fraught with safety concerns. It’s rather bumpy and twisty, and not in the best condition. It’s also long and isolated, and there have been reports of attempted robberies by local scooter gangs. It’s advisable to hire a car in Kuta or go with a group and travel in daylight hours if attempting the journey on a scooter. Those who travel safely to Mawi are rewarded with beautiful, unspoiled beaches and epic waves.