Mawun Beach

This idyllic white sand beach is a hidden pearl along the southern Lombok coast. It’s a must-see for travelers seeking picture-perfect ocean scenery. Mawun Beach wraps around the inside of a horseshoe-shaped, turquoise bay. It’s clean, serene, and considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Central Lombok Regency. Mawun is 30 minutes west of Kuta Lombok, and 45 minutes south of Lombok International Airport.

Mawun Beach
Lombok, Indonesia,

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The area surrounding the beach is green with rice paddies and tobacco plantations, and you can often see tobacco being harvested as you approach Mawun. The beach has fine white sand in the center that becomes coarser as it approaches the headlands at either edge. There will be few visitors at any given time, which is surprising considering how scenic it is. Climb the headland hills to take in the impressive bay and beach panoramas — you can see Mount Rinjani volcano in the background on clear days. Fill your days with swimming, sunbathing, and long walks. The sandy bottom has a sudden drop off that is good for ocean swims. Unlike most beaches in southern Lombok, Mawun is not known as a surf spot. There is a right and left-hand break on either side of the bay, but the breaks are very inconsistent. The best times for good surfing are early in the morning on a swell day, or during the wet season.

A smattering of warungs and food stalls ring the perimeter. Some offer lounge chairs and umbrellas for hire. Classic Indonesian food, cold beer, and hydrating coconuts are readily available. Try a baby pineapple served on a stick. There will be the occasional hawker, particularly on more crowded days, but on quiet afternoons you can lay about relatively undisturbed for long stretches of time. There are no facilities at this beach outside of what may be available at the warungs. A small fee will be charged for parking on arrival. There are no accommodations available, and most visitors arrive on day trips from Kuta Lombok.

Mawun Beach is perfect for a lazy day enjoying the simple pleasures of a beautiful, tropical island paradise. There’s not much to do, and many ways that’s this beach’s most attractive feature. One end of the beach is walled off in anticipation of a future development project, so Mawun won’t be a peaceful paradise forever — best to enjoy it while you can.