Heart-shaped Gerupuk Bay is home to beautiful white sand beaches, a ramshackle fishing village, and some of the best surf breaks in Indonesia. Gerupuk Bay is in southwest-central Lombok and has five offshore breaks. These breaks are only accessible by boat. They offer a range of waves suitable for beginner to advanced surfers, all year long. Gerupuk village is an example of local “kampung” life, where people live simply and the area has not yet been subject to overdevelopment. There’s not much to do besides enjoy the surf, sand, and stunning natural beauty.

Lombok, Indonesia,

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Located in Central Lombok Regency, about 4 miles (7 km) east of Kuta Lombok and 40 minutes south of Lombok International Airport, Gerupuk draws a worldwide crowd to its pristine beaches and epic waves. It’s a popular day trip destination for visitors staying in Kuta. White sand beaches circle the brilliant blue waters of Gerupuk Bay, beginning at Pantai Gerupuk in the west. Two rocky headlands near the center host terrific vistas in all directions.

Accommodation in the village is limited; most are homestays and minimalist rooms best for itinerant surfers. It's an authentic Sasak village experience, with friendly people earning their living as fishermen, seaweed harvesters, fish and lobster breeders, or surfing instructors. Colorful tents on the main road are filled with workers preparing the seaweed harvest. Visit the National Seaweeds Center to learn about local conservation efforts. There’s little in the way of nightlife here. Cafe Ombak is the best restaurant and the place to meet, and Sea Monkees restaurant has tremendous bay views. Wi-Fi in Gerupuk is spotty at best.

The main attraction here is surfing. Gerupuk Bay is huge, and you need to hire a boat to get to the surf and back. Fishermen will also rent you their boats. Waves can reach up to 10 feet (3 m) high. The breaks are Gerupuk Inside — a right-hand reef break with a long wall and forgiving lip that's suitable for all levels. Kid's Point is a right-hander that breaks on only the biggest days. Then there's barrel city; Don-Don — the furthest break inside this bay is an A-frame with a forgiving take off and fun shoulders, suitable for all levels. Outside Right is a solid right-hand break good for intermediate surfers that occasionally gets heavy, with big drops and a fast inside. Lastly, there's Outside Left - an inconsistent left-hand break with occasional greatness. It's across the bay from Outside Right and is suitable for experienced surfers.

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