This peninsula in Lombok’s southwestern corner is an up-and-coming tourist destination. It’s home to pristine beaches, epic surfing, and The Secret Islands, as well as numerous high-quality dive spots. Sekotong is an underrated Lombok gem and has a few great areas worth visiting now before more tourists come to the region. The area is located about an hour south of Mataram in West Lombok Regency.

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Sekotong’s main attractions are around the perimeter of the peninsula. Further inland you’ll find Sasak villages and agriculture. The southeastern corner of Sekotong is home to the center of Lombok’s pearl cultivation industry, Blongas. This deep sheltered bay has white sand beaches, two offshore surf breaks, a half dozen good dive sites, and pearl cultivation farms you can visit. “The Magnet” dive site is known for scalloped hammerhead sharks. Blongas is tricky to get to and has minimal accommodations, but is worth the effort.

At the far west end of the peninsula is Bangko Bangko Beach, home of the famous Desert Point Surf Spot. When conditions are right, experienced surfers can catch what is considered one of the world's best waves, a never-ending stream of perfect left-hand barrels. There’s nothing else around this area but some basic hut accommodations, so this area is best left to the surfers.

On the north side of the peninsula is the gorgeous Sekotong Bay. Sekotong Beach is a long, curved stretch of white sand and turquoise water with views of picturesque mountains in one direction and islands in the other. The clear, calm waters are ideal for snorkeling. There are bungalows, hotels, and resort accommodations.

The two main villages surrounding Sekotong Bay are Tawun and Pelangan. Pelangan has a well-stocked traditional market and offers exposure to day-to-day Sasak village life. Tawun is the primary jumping off point for boats to The Secret Islands — the thirteen isles of the southwest Gilis. Small, unspoiled, and pristine, the southwest Gilis are near deserted island paradises with lively coral reefs for diving and snorkeling, and uninhabited white sand beaches to stroll. Try the diver’s paradise of Gili Asahan for its 24 dive spots, or if you’re looking for a land and sea adventure, try the biggest island, Gili Gede. There’s a fun surf break near Gili Rengitt, and great snorkeling on the colorful reefs off Gili Layar. There are many beautiful Gili islands to explore.

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