Selong Belanak

While the pace of Lombok’s beaches is hardly that of neighboring Bali, the Selong Belanak area is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of urban areas like Senggigi and Mataram. Agrarian landscapes and lush, rolling hillsides give way to dazzling white sand shores. Beautiful Selong Belanak Beach is tranquil and ideal for lazy days lying in the sun. If you seek more activity, there is an entry to moderate level surfing or seek out the catch of the day with local fishermen. Selong Belanak is in Central Lombok regency, two hours south of Mataram, or 30 minutes west of Kuta Lombok.

Selong Belanak
Selong Belanak
Lombok, Indonesia,

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Outside the beach, you’ll find the essence of Sasak “kampung” (village) living. Fields of rice and tobacco crops are plentiful. Farmers tend herds of water buffalo, often seen getting their exercise on the beach. The southern end of Selong Belanak Beach has a traditional fishing village, where you can observe the local people going about their day to day life. Fishing boats dot the sand and the sea. Local fishermen are often amenable to you joining their trips, for a small fee of course. In many ways, things here are as they always were, but the increasing popularity of the beach threatens kampung life with rising development.

The beach itself is gorgeous, with flour-like soft white sand and clear turquoise water - giving it an unofficial nickname of “Hawaii Beach.” It’s perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and strolling. The bottom is soft sand and is forgiving for surfers. The waves are perfect for beginning surfers in the middle of the beach and better for moderate levels at the far end. There is a local surf school with lessons and boards for hire. The beach is picturesque, surrounded by a ring of green hills that are easily climbed to enjoy sunrise or sunset panoramas. It can get crowded at holidays.

There’s a grouping of local warungs where you can hire chairs and umbrellas for the day, a worthy investment in this hot and shade-free environment. Fresh grilled fish and fish saté are the specialties of the house, along with standard Indonesian fare. More upscale dining is available down the beach at the well regarded Laut Biru Bar & Restaurant. Accommodations are sparse here compared to nearby Kuta and mostly consist of homestays and relatively expensive villas. Most visitors opt to stay in Kuta and make day trips to the area.

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Selong BelanakSelong Belanak