The Sire peninsula area of North Lombok is the most upscale part of the island. There are five deluxe resorts with all the amenities in a beautiful area that is also home to just over a mile (2 km) of a soft sand beach. The beach comes with views of the Gili Islands on one side and Mount Rinjani on the other. While you’re here, you can take day trips and get plenty of prime beach space for quiet relaxation.

Lombok, Indonesia,

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If you’re going to spend big on accommodation in Lombok, this is the place to go. The resorts have beachfront real estate with the spas and restaurants that make it easy for you to never leave the premises. The only other accommodations to be found in Sire are budget homestays. The two largest nearby towns are Bangsal to the West, and Tanjung to the East. You can catch the ferry to the Gili Islands from the port in Bangsal. Gili Air is the closest island and makes for an excellent day trip. Tanjung has a marina if you’re interested in sailing, and is the closest town to Sire.

Sire Beach, or Pantai Sire, is a serene, family-friendly strip of off-white sand. It is ringed by palm trees and a green lawn. The water is clear and turquoise, and calm enough for swimming—but watch out for sea urchins. There are colorful reefs located about 328 feet (100 m) from the shore, and snorkeling equipment is available for rent at the resorts or stands on the beach. Canoes and kayaks are available to explore the coastline. The beach is peaceful, with minimal hawkers, and has beautiful vistas of the Gili Islands and the inviting waters of the Bali Sea. There are a number of food stalls scattered about, and the resorts have more high-end and western fare available at their restaurants.

Fishing charters can be booked in Bangsal or Tanjung. There’s an 18-hole golf course, called the Sire Beach Golf Club, that overlooks the ocean. For a family-friendly outing, the Lombok Elephant Park has not only elephants but a small zoo of animals from the Indonesian archipelago including orangutans, crocodiles, and a variety of birds. The Gangga Waterfalls are a 45-minute drive east of Sire and are a nice choice for a scenic day trip. Sire is easily one of the top destinations in North Lombok for a beach holiday.

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