Tanjung Ringgit

A stunningly scenic peninsula jutting out from Lombok’s far southeastern corner, Tanjung Ringitt is known for beautiful beaches and epic vistas. The area is a designated EcoRegion, which means it’s a protected from development and deforestation. Tanjung Ringgit is home to one of Indonesia’s two pink sand beaches and offers plenty of peace and quiet. This area is located about a two-hour drive from Lombok International Airport.

Tanjung Ringgit
Tanjung Ringgit
Lombok, Indonesia,

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Tanjung Ringgit is the farthest eastern part of the Pemongkong Peninsula. As an EcoRegion, 90 percent of the land is protected for agriculture, forestry, and ecotourism activities. Government partnership with local Sasak villagers has ensured increased biodiversity, protected corals and beaches, and regenerating forests. The result is a pristine area that looks and feels of pre-discovery Lombok. There are few accommodations — bungalows and homestays are scattered near the beaches, and there are a few hotels and a larger resort near Tangsi (Pink) Beach.

Cape Tanjung Ringgit is known for tall limestone cliffs and sweeping ocean vistas. There are no tourist services, including restaurants or food stalls, so be prepared. An old lighthouse heralds the entrance to the barely marked location. There is a large, rusty cannon leftover from a World War II Japanese outpost. The Japanese used a nearby cave as a bunker, which now serves as a home to a thriving colony of bats. Below the cliffs is a local curiosity — a freshwater well, built within steps of the ocean. It is a mystery as to who built it, why, and how they got the water up the cliffs.

The beaches are the main attraction here. Tangsi Beach has light pink sand. This beach gets its distinctive color from millions of tiny red foraminifera (marine protozoa) mixed in with the white sand. You can take good photos from the top of a raised, rocky portion of the shoreline. Further around the bay is Pantai Segui, which is a white sand beach with good snorkeling. The next bay north is Teluk Teanginangin, and at low tide, you can walk across a sandbar to the tiny island of Gili Sunut. There’s a small fishing village to walk around, but keep an eye on the tide — otherwise, you will have to pay a fisherman to return you to shore in his boat.

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Tanjung RinggitTanjung Ringgit