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Everest Base Camp



The Anywhere+ all-inclusive model is something I make sure to mention because that's what separates you from other companies. It what takes it to the next level. I have been singing Anywhere's praises to any and all who will listen and will continue to do so

- Marcella Harrington

LOVED IT! It was nice to show up and know I didn't have to spend anymore money or worry about money. It's something we have been telling people about when talking about our experiences.

- Jenny & Tavis Smith

This model was perfect for us. It was also very obvious that the Anywhere+ was well connected and respected throughout our locations so even if we did do the research I'm not sure we could have come close to being as effective. Without a second's hesitation we would absolutely look to Anywhere+ again vs exploring on our own. We are considering if it will be possible for our oldest son to go with Karl to Patagonia - if that gives you any idea how much confidence we have in the Anywhere+ program

- Kelly & Dean Collver

Thanks to Karl & ANYWHERE+ for providing this life-changing adventure! If there is anything else anyone in your organization needs from us, we are more than happy to participate. We'll be looking and thinking about how we can do another Anywhere+ experience

- Kelly & Dean Collver

This is hands down, one of the most engaging and magical trips I've been on. Anywhere+ provided me with an experience where I didn't have to worry about shuttles, lodging, food, or money. I only had to arrive and be ready for an adventure of a lifetime. The ethics of the company shine through in how they treat people they collaborate with. Not only did I love my experience, but it was affirming to see people want to work for Anywhere+ due to the fair and sustainable way they are treated. Don't hesitate, book a trip today and start your journey.

- Tavis & Jenny Allen

The layer of social consciousness that Anywhere+ put around our trip was also really important to us. We felt great about every step of the trip because we knew that everything was being handled with a sensitivity to the local people and environment, and that a portion of our trip was actually going to help much needed local causes. We were inspired by the way Anywhere+ handled these important details.

- Kelly & Dean Collver

The model of TRULY incorporating local operators that are doing good by the local community is HUGE. I think most groups say they do this but I feel like the anywhere plus model has an opportunity to do this on a sustainable way that provides growth and opportunity for locals. I have already been telling people about this. It is pretty different to literally not need to bring anything and even have little gifts that you can give people upon your return. I think it may be hard for people to trust that they literally do not need to bring any of the extra's but once you guys establish that brand it would be very unique.

- Tyler & Nicolette

You will not have a single regret with Anywhere+! Our expectations were pretty high heading into our trip, and Anywhere+ exceeded every one of them.

- Kelly & Dean Collver

It is almost impossible to trust a company to take care of every single detail and be rest assured that you just need to show up and have a special experience...but this is what we received through Anywhere+. It is possible to find less expensive guide services but it would be hard to find a service that provides more, and they are by no means the most expensive. They clearly care about the communities that they operate in and also care deeply about providing a well planned and special experience for the traveler. I'd fully recommend Anywhere+ and I have been fortunate to do traveling all over the world. Please have anyone call me if they have any questions!

- Tyler & Nicolette

So many things impressed me, but it was the attention to detail that immediately stood out to me. EVERYTHING was organized and well-thought out. ‘I’s were dotted, ‘T’s were crossed. You guys thought of it all. I could have been completely happy if some of those details we experienced were missing, but they made everything that much better. We were the most spoiled trekking group out there and it was awesome! I so appreciate your company's and employee's dedication to what they do. It made for one of the most inspiring, most adventurous, and most enjoyable experiences I will ever have the fortune of having

- Marcella Herington

We felt beyond taken care of every moment...from before we arrived, the planning, travel, arrival and the whole trip. I also really like the having someone take photos so they can enjoy and focus on the experience. This is a HUGE draw for me to rebook a Anywhere+ trip. As a couple, it's hard to get good photos with you in the photo by taking them yourself. The photo book we received in the mail was stunning and a great reminder of the whole adventure.

- Tavis & Jenny Smith

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