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I started working in tourism in 2002 as a guide for a canopy tour company in Monteverde. I also worked for two other canopy tour companies for the next five years, one of which was in Mexico. I became part of the Anywhere Costa Rica team in 2007 and am happy to be here. What I value most about this job is that I get to interact with people from around the world. I get to learn about their cultures, traditions, and all the things that make their country unique. I live in Monteverde, a place that is surrounded by mountains and cloud forests. When I travel in Costa Rica, I like to go to the beach because I love swimming in the ocean. My two favorite beaches are Manuel Antonio (for its beauty and tropical feeling) and Montezuma (for its laid-back atmosphere and small town vibe). I love music and play in a local band. I also enjoy watching documentaries and spending time with my friends.