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It can be a little scary using an online - and unknown - company to book a significant holiday but I can honestly say I never experienced a moment where I had doubts about taking this course. Anywhere was there at every step, responded very quickly to every question and gave us complete confidence in the process and the choices being made for us. I love the ability to explore the locations on the web site and be able to refine the itinerary through the interactions online. And ultimately - it was an amazing holiday, everything I hoped it would be.

- Tiffany H.

The Anywhere Experience

What makes my country so amazing and a draw to travelers around the world is our stunning nature and rich biodiversity. You’ll find some of the world’s most beautiful beaches perfect for a romantic getaway. Or, if you are on a family vacation and looking for adventure, there’s no shortage of adrenaline-pumping activities like zip-lining through the rainforest canopy or a cool swim underneath the waterfalls. In Costa Rica, enjoying the beauty of nature is a part of our lifestyle, which is why we greet you with ‘Pura Vida’—whether you’re looking for a relaxing break or wanting to try new experiences, Costa Rica has something to satisfy everyone!

"Anywhere took all the stress and planning out of our honeymoon! Tours, transfers, hotels — we really maximized our time spent in Costa Rica without worrying about where to go next or how to get there. Their customer service is top-notch."

Rudaba N.

Looking for outdoor adventure? Look no further than Peru — home of the Andes, a portion of the Amazon rainforest, and the mystical citadel perched high on Machu Picchu mountain. Fancy yourself more of a foodie? We’re rated the world’s top culinary destination where you’ll find world-class dishes at modern cities like Lima and Cusco. Peru is full of surprises; to look at our rugged and mountainous terrain, you might not guess that Peru surfing offers some supreme waves. At the end of the day, we invite you to unwind at our beautiful beaches and indulge in one of many Peru’s luxurious lodges and retreats.

"The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu "Peru Inca Trail Machupichu" was spectacular. Using Anywhere was probably the best ever decision while planning this trip. We sort of expected a bit of South American laid-backness. Instead got a service that worked like Swiss clock."

Martynas M.

What do I love most about Belize? Anywhere you go is a tropical paradise! Places like Placencia Beach offer the ideal beach vacation. Home to the Belize Barrier Reef and an abundance of Caribbean islands, ocean lovers who want to get up close to the reef and its marine life is in for a treat!— whether you’re an expert diver or learning how to snorkel for the first time. When you need a break from fun in the Sun, you can explore amazing Mayan ruins, or enjoy exciting activities like cave tubing — floating down crystal clear waters into underground caverns! Belize will take your breath away with its wonders.

"We fell in love with Caye Caulker! We had such an amazing time and really appreciated that all our transportation in Belize was taken care of. No need to worry how we were getting from place to place"

Carolee A.

Pack your sense of wonder for your trip to Guatemala! People come from afar to visit Tikal, as well as other awe-inspiring Mayan ruins that define the quintessential Guatemalan experience. But it’s not just the textiles and landscapes which are colourful, our charming colonial cities invite you to explore rainbow-colored architecture while learning our fascinating history and culture. From exciting rainforests, magnificent volcanoes, to hidden gems like the Semuc Champey, you’ll be impressed by our natural beauty— after all, even Aldous Huxley had to admit that Lake Atitlán is so painfully beautiful it risks being “…too much of a good thing.”

"We loved Guatemala. This was our first visit to Central America and found the country intriguing, complex, and exciting. Hope to visit more of Central America and South America in the future."

Laura M.

My advice? Visit a country that lives and breathes history at every moment. To visit Cuba is to immerse yourself in another world and time; one moment you’re cruising through the city in classic Cuban Cars, the next, you find yourself in a Cuban dance hall with drink in hand. Life is complicated, but joy is simple. Cuban people are spirited and ever hopeful: come join us on educational guided activities to learn more about how Santería, tobacco, and rum have shaped Cuban culture.

"The private guides were exceptional and professional, and I felt safe the entire trip. One of the highlights was driving around Havana in a Pink 1951 Buick Roadmaster convertible seeing all the major sights. My 3 teenage girls were all smiles the entire time."

Hans L.

Xin chào! Where should I start? Our streets are lined with lots of Indochinese history, and bustling with a population eager to continue the current surge of development and prosperity. In the North and South you can visit vibrant cities with beautiful colonial architecture and Buddhist temples, not far from restaurants where you can try authentic phở and bánh mì—take a cooking class to learn more about complex local flavors. Set sail for the iconic Halong Bay, or bask in the lap of luxury at beachside resorts on Phuc Quo Island. Wherever you want to go, we're excited to host you!

"I recommend all the time. Loved the destinations and experiences we had. Now that we have had three Anywhere vacations we are anxious to try another country!"

Marcus S.

Bienvenido! Welcome to a nature lover’s paradise. Why is Ecuador on almost every list of ‘Places You Must See Before You Die?’ Two words: Galápagos Islands. You’ll see animals not found anywhere else on Earth, and the experience can be as rugged or luxurious as you want it to be. On land, our guides can take you through breathtaking Sierra highlands and steamy Amazonian jungles. For a relaxing change of pace, head on to the world’s highest capital city: Quito for amazing nightlife, fun tours, and stunning architecture to round up your Ecuadorian experience!

"Anywhere worked with us on the trip plan until we were entirely satisfied. Our accommodations were excellent and exceeded our expectations. And Ecuador is beautiful!"

Catherine B.

If you appreciate what creativity and good design can achieve, you really ought to discover all of the unique places to visit in Panama. Yes, we’re the home of the Panama Canal — an early engineering marvel, but we also have an interesting mix of classical and modern architecture. Insider tip? Do yourself a favour and visit Panama beaches and many islands. Panama’s white-sand beaches and biodiversity will guarantee you’ll have a great time whether you’re here for business or pleasure!

"We loved Yandup Island and Playón Chico, Guna Yala. The cultural experience to share in the lives of the local people is a memory my family will never forget. Now that we have had three Anywhere vacations we are anxious to try another!"

Jeannie C.

Honestly? In my humble opinion, Indonesia is one of the world's best kept travel secrets. The island of Bali is a tropical dream come true. International sunseekers come here for some of the world's best beaches and surfing. Those in need of healing or spiritual enlightenment make pilgrimages to seaside and mountain temples, or center themselves at wellness retreats. There are luxury villas that cater to your every whim, and simple accommodations that put you in touch with nature. Your vacation will truly be whatever your idea of paradise is. I'm so happy to share Bali with you, and I can't wait to tell you all about Lombok — coming soon!

"Anywhere's coordination was excellent and they came through in every aspect of our trip. They are also very patient in helping you refine every detail before everything is booked. I was unsure of booking this way at first, but after this experience I will definitely be coming back to Anywhere for travel as well as referring it to family and friends!"

Garrett B.

Myanmar’s glittering temples have beckoned pilgrims for centuries. The sprawling cosmopolitan sites and ancient ruins are still well-worth the journey, and the traditional villages that dot the landscape offer glimpses of enchantment in their tea houses and workshops. Walk across bridges made of teak and venture into caves that serve as spiritual sites. Nearby, you can meet locals eager to demonstrate their highly refined skill at making rich lacquer and spinning fine silk. Spend your nights in resorts near the banks of a scenic lake, not far from the longboat or hot air balloon that will take you for an adventure into Myanmar’s past.

"It was a pleasure working with Anywhere. Great suggestions for our itinerary and able to make the changes we requested. Everything went as planned and transportation was available exactly when advertised. Highly recommend planning a trip through Anywhere as it makes for a very stress-free vacation!"

Justin T.