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"Hola! I'm Bitty, and I've been a tourism professional since 1975, when I was still a high school student — I've been in the tourism industry since then. I even studied how to be a travel professional, earning a B.A. in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Tourism Management from Italy's Scuola Internazionale de Scienze Turistiche (SIST).

When I returned to Guatemala, I was determined to promote my home country to the international community. I have worked to develop tours to new places and create niche travel markets in Guatemala — such as promoting the fact that we are one of the world's premier birdwatching destinations!

I am blessed to have my mother around, in addition to having a husband, and three children (who are all incredible); we love taking adventurous trips as a family! My husband and I enjoy long walks outdoors and photographing birds. So, whether you need to plan a romantic outdoor getaway for two, a family adventure, or a special tour for you and your fellow birder's — rest assured that you'll go on the Guatemalan getaway of your dreams!"