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"Hello, it's nice to meet you! I'm Jason; I was born and grew up in Ciudad Quesada, Costa Rica; it's where I spent most of my life — I almost never travelled. Then, education presented me with an opportunity. I studied for three years at Universidad Técnica Nacional where I got my Bachelor Degree in English as a Foreign Language; my last year was focused on tourism.

Thanks to university and the tourism courses I took, I had the chance to travel all around my country. I visited so many beautiful places that I didn't even imagine existed, and I loved each one of them. We visited Cahuita and Puerto Viejo de Limón — these places were totally different from what I was used to seeing, because Caribbean life seems just like a dream! We also travelled to national parks, such as Marino Ballena, where we saw whales; Marino las Baulas, where we saw leatherback turtles hatching; Juan Castro Blanco and Caño Negro, which are great spots for birdwatching; and, of course, Areanl Volcano National Park.

I was so lucky to have my internship here at Anywhere, in the product department. Now, I've managed to become a part of this amazing team. It's such a privilege to share the magic of travel with others. I moved to La Fortuna this year and have been doing a lot of exciting tours; if you're new to travel, like I am, I can't wait for you to have your own adventures in Costa Rica. You won't regret making your travel dreams come true, and Anywhere is here to help you every step of the way."