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"Hello! I'm Roy, a proud Costa Rican. I grew up between the mountains and rivers of Costa Rica in an area by the name of La Tigra — it's near the Children's Eternal Rainforest. Tourism has been my life since 2002. Although I studied computer programming with the support of my family, I changed my mind after 2 years in college.

Getting to know one's country is a unique experience. I've worked in hotels, reception, reservations, and (apart from working at Anywhere) one of the nicest experiences I've had was as a naturalist tour guide. As a travel professional and active person, I have to say that Arenal is one of my favorite destinations within Costa Rica; it has a large catalog of activities, and our beaches are beautiful as well.

I consider it very important to take the time to explore the different regions of Costa Rica — you never know what you may see. One of the most amazing experiences I had as a guide was the day I saw a jaguar in the wild — something they say happens once in a lifetime. It happened to me a second time, so I consider myself a very lucky person.

Living in Costa Rica is just amazing, and I can't wait to help you make your own once in a lifetime memories. Pura Vida!"