About Roy

I am very proud of being a Costa Rican, I grew up between mountains and rivers on an area name La Tigra by the Children´s Eternal Rain Forest, my country side family was able to support my education and I decide to study computer programming, something that I never use cause I change my mind after two years in collage. My first experience in tourism was in 2002 and since then knowing my country has been a unique experience, I've worked in hotels, reception, reservations and one of the nicest experiences I had was as a naturalist tour guide. Through my experience I have a better vision of each tour and what our customers can expect from all of the activities they are doing with us. Arenal is one of my favorite destination because it has a large catalog of different activities to do, but our beaches are beautiful as well and I consider very important to take time to explore the different areas of the country. I think the most amazing experience as a guide was the day I saw a Jaguar for the first time, even if they said that it happens once in a life time, it happens to me a second time so I consider my self a very lucky person. living in Costa Rica is just amazing, "Pura vida".