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"Hello! I'm Erick, and with well over a decade of travel industry experience, I'm ready to help you plan your dream vacation. I've been privileged to work at Anywhere for over 10 years. Prior to my time at Anywhere, I spent 3 years in the reservations department of a hotel — so, I understand the importance of making sure your travel plans hold up!

Though I've traveled all across my country, my favorite area is the Guanacaste beachfront — I've got the best recommendations for your next beach getaway! Though, wherever you go, you'll find that Costa Rica has lots to offer — including some of the happiest and nicest people you will ever meet. We make our country's visitors feel welcome and at home.

I feel blessed to be able to travel with my family, which includes my daughters Natalie and Sara, and spend time outdoors playing soccer. Whether you need to plan a family holiday, an active adventure, or a combination, my professional experience will help make this easiest vacation you ever plan!"