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"Hola! I'm Gema, and I've been a part of Anywhere Costa Rica since 2006 — I've been involved in the Tourism Industry over a decade.

As a reliable and passionate person, I love planning trips to our beautiful country. It means I not only have the opportunity to educate travelers about all of the options they have but, also help them experience the best of Costa Rica. One of my favorite destinations is Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula — it is a unique place on the South Pacific Coast that everyone should see at least once (exuberant rainforest, wildlife, and a peaceful environment).

I'm so passionate about travel that I've even managed to put my professional skills to use outside of Anywhere by coordinating volunteer service for young travelers — an independent initiative to contribute to community growth and development. The community service is 'ad honorem;' the primary goal is to create a positive impact through small changes.

Working at Anywhere has been a great journey. Come and visit us, I'd love to help you experience the warmth of our people, and get immersed into the local culture."