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"Hello, I'm Jessica. It's great to meet you! I learned to love tourism in my hometown of Monteverde; I grew up surrounded by nature and loved spending time outside. During holidays, my family would go hiking in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve or visit waterfalls.

As the years went on, my passion for the outdoors never left me. I studied ecological tourism in high school, and have traveled extensively throughout Costa Rica; eventually, I worked in the accounting department of Monteverde's Selvatura Park, and finally found my 'home' at Anywhere Costa Rica—where I am part of the Operations and Product Team.

Some of my favorite travel destinations are found right here in Costa Rica — I love the beaches and culture along the country's Caribbean Coast. The food here is incredible, especially the Caribbean-style chicken. Lucky for you, Team Anywhere knows all of the best restaurants and cooking courses, so you can experience our favorite dishes — and even learn to make them at home. One of my new favorite destinations is Panama! Panama City is amazing, and the San Blas Islands have incredible snorkeling and scuba diving!

I'm both a mother and a student, so the little spare time I have is spent with my son and husband. I understand what a privilege it is to spend fun, quality time with your family; parent to parent, a family getaway is one of the best ways to bond and relax at the same time. Nowadays, it's all about multitasking — I can't wait to discover how Team Anywhere will help you squeeze a little indulgence into your next family adventure."