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"Greetings, amigo/amiga! I'm Lester; originally from Nicaragua, my family and I moved to Costa Rica when I was 7 years old, and I've now lived in La Fortuna (the Arenal Volcano area) for well over 20 years. I consider this region to be the best in the entire country!

I've been a travel professional since 2004, and have been a member of Team Anywhere since 2009. Throughout my career, I've learned about customer service, management, business operations...Anywhere is the company where everyone wants to work. We create unforgettable trips for our clients! When I talk to my university colleagues, I always tell them that I love what I do — I love sharing Costa Rica with travelers from around the world. Using my own experience and knowledge to craft incredible experiences and memories for our clients is a uniquely rewarding thrill.

If you love thrills too, I've got some great beach recommendations: Caño Island has some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the country — I've seen whitetip reef sharks, sea turtles, and dolphins. Playa Conchal is a beach where the sand is composed of tiny crushed shells, and it's one of my favorite places to take my beautiful daughter, Luna (Spanish for 'moon'). She is absolutely the light of my life, and spending time with her is by far my favorite pastime. I can't wait to share new outdoor adventures with her as she continues to grow, and I'm so excited to help you and your family create memories and adventures of your own as we design your custom itinerary!"