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"Hola, I'm Sara! I have been a travel professional for nearly a decade. I was born and raised in Lima, the capital city of Peru and land of pre-Inca archaeological and historical sites. When I was in school, I learned many things about Peru and I started to admire my country. As an adult, I feel so proud of Peru because we are diverse, have amazing archaeology, an interesting history, beautiful landscapes, ancient customs, and delicious food. These are the reasons I decided to study 'Tourism Management' at university, as well as English; now, I've made a career out of sharing the magic of Peru with people around the world.

I worked in the Office of Tourism for the government in Oxapampa, the central jungle of Peru. Then, I worked for a tour operator in Ica, which is located in the south of Lima; Ica is the land of the Nasca Lines — mysterious geoglyphs. It is also the land of the Ballestas Islands, a National Reserve where you can see sea lions, penguins, and different kinds of Peruvian birds. I now spend my days meeting travellers like you, showing you the diversity of Peru and helping you have the best experience possible on your trip.

I am married and have a daughter; I love to spend time with my family, and understand that a vacation is a very special opportunity to bond with your family — you're learning new things, meeting new people, and having new experiences, and you're doing it all together. Peru is great for adventurers, but it's also great for families. If you were an avid traveller before the kiddos came along, Peru is your chance to share your wanderlust with the next generation; we can talk all about it when we plan your personalized itinerary."