Hola, soy Claudia Samayoa

Acerca de mi:

"Hola, I'm Claudia! I was born and raised in Guatemala City. I spent 10 years working for UNICEF, developing programs to help and support people of scarce resources, and I was very committed to the organization. However, life inevitably takes us down different paths, and now, I have been with Anywhere for almost two years. At Anywhere, I have come to realize all the amazing things my country has to offer, and I get to share this with people all across the world

I have two children — my son, Rodrigo, earned a degree in Fort Myers, Florida and is now a professional soccer player for Guatemala's national league. He has also played soccer for Columbus, Ohio's MLS and for a Swedish team. My daughter went to live in Italy for around one year after she graduated school. What can I say? I guess she inherited her mother's passion for travel.

Indulge in your passion for travel when we book your family getaway (or celebration for two, now that the kids are out of the house)! "

Es difícil conseguir días de vacaciones. Nosotros nos aseguramos de hacer que cada uno cuente, al brindarte experiencias a la medida que sean inolvidables, llenas de diversión y sin preocupaciones. Espera más de tus vacaciones.

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