Hola, soy Percy Coll Santillan

Acerca de mi:

"Hello, my name is Percy and I am a son of the Andes!

I am passionate about gastronomy and wines; I like to cook and have my friends over at my house. When I am hosting people, I like to combine all of the good things that come from South America: Malbec wine from Mendoza, Argentina; the Carménère wine from Chile; and Tannat from Uruguay. With these lovely beverages, I like to serve ceviche, from Perú; asado, from Argentina; and Lechón from Ecuador.

That's one of the things I most love about Ecuador, the way our country combines the best elements of South America. If you're a foodie like I am, I would love to help you plan a gastronomic adventure throughout Ecuador! The best part? Ecuador has so many outdoor activities you can do to help you work off your culinary excursions."

Lo que han dicho mis clientes:

FEB 2020

"Percy Coll was great to communicate with, always approachable, and courteous. He helped us by answering a lot of questions and put together a good itinerary for us to explore the Galapagos Islands. "


FEB 2020

"Thank you for planning such a lovely trip for us "


JAN 2020

"Percy was excellent. He checked in throughout the trip and was available anytime we messaged, from 7am to sometimes after 10pm. I felt very comfortable knowing I could be in touch should any issue arise. Kudos to Percy. "


DEC 2019

"Percy is patient, takes time to understand his clients’ needs and it’s clear they he cares about the experience. It was a pleasure working with him. We met two other groups while traveling they also worked with him and had nothing but wonderful things to say about him. The additional ground team - Jen, Fer, Nuria were all very responsive and open to our questions. "


OCT 2019

"The overall experience was wonderful..Percy was exceptional and very patient to help us plan this trip. Yamine, our driver for the week, was also very helpful, nice and educational. We definitely enjoyed our time in Ecuador!"


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