Hi, I´m Jose Miguel Fernandez

About me:

"Hola, I'm José! I'm Guatemalan — born and raised! I have always loved exploration and adventure, and my country has no shortage of that. I also enjoy the arts too — coupling Guatemala's rich and colorful culture with breathtaking sites is where I gained my love of music and poetry.

I've been travelling throughout Guatemala since I was a kid, and I am always surprised to find that my country offers a new experience at every turn. People and hidden gems keep things exciting, so even familiar places can feel like an entirely new destination.

I am addicted to gadgets and technology, and have a degree in Electrical Engineering which I'm using to help improve my country. That's why I was drawn to my role at Anywhere — it combines a bit of everything I love: travel, tech-savvy businesses, and sharing the magic of Guatemala with others...come to visit and you'll quickly see what I mean."