Hi, I´m Lizza Corrales

About me:

"Greetings! I'm Lizza. How amazing is Costa Rica? My family left the country and eventually moved back. Though I was born in Costa Rica, I attended school in the United States. During my final year of high school, my family decided to return to Costa Rica, and we've been settled in La Fortuna ever since!

My previous jobs and my career in tourism have allowed me to travel personally, so it's very gratifying to be able to share my knowledge with others, and help people experience the beauty of Costa Rica — it's an amazing feeling!

Many people come to Costa Rica for our tropical weather, but I have to say, my favorite place in Costa Rica is Monteverde — the cloud forests are amazing, as are the views, and I actually prefer the region's chilly weather...well, as chilly as it can get in Costa Rica ;-)

Being a mother now, I get to travel with my two children, so it's a real privilege to teach the next generation how travel not only brings joy to one's life, but make's them a more well-rounded person. Speaking of being well-rounded, I love cooking and trying new dishes. If you pride yourself on being a foodie as well, let me help you add some food tours and cooking courses to your itinerary, and you won't just take memories home — you'll take your favorite new recipes too!"

What travellers have said about me:

FEB 2020

"Lizza was amazing. I will definitely book another trip with her and your team."


FEB 2020

"Lizza was wonderful and very patient with all my questions and changes I did. She deserve a 10 stars ."


FEB 2020

"Thank you, Lizza, for your thoughtful recommendations and how easy you made the process. You helped make our honeymoon perfect."


FEB 2020

"Thanks for a great job. We would love to do another with you."


FEB 2020

"She was the best travel planner I have ever used!!!! We are planning to return to Costa Rica very soon and I will seek out her service again!"