Transportation in Cuba usually takes the form of buses, taxis, and rental cars. It’s fairly easy to get around on the tourist buses, and you can also book fairly cheap domestic flights. Make sure to read more about the pros and cons of each form of transportation.

Shuttle Service in Cuba

Shuttles from the airport are a hassle-free way to get your hotel.

You can also book shuttles in advance for easy transport from hotels to tours and activities.

Cuba Private Ground Transportation & Booking Service

Classic cars are a popular way to get around major cities.

These relics are constantly being repaired, and even the best-kept specimens have occasional hiccup. Cuban cities also offer regular taxis, pedicabs, horse-drawn carriages, and tiny, round taxis called cocos.

Cuba Buses & Transportation Booking

Buses are a fairly reliable way to get from one city to the next.

Technically visitors aren’t supposed to take the public buses, but there is a bus company specifically for tourists called Víazul that you can find in most major cities. Víazul buses offer air conditioning and have relatively comfortable seats.

Domestic Flights in Cuba

Anywhere Travel can’t yet help travelers arrange domestic flights in Cuba, but you can find domestic flights between most major cities on the island.

Delays and changes are quite common, and keep in mind that airfare is frequently non-refundable.