No matter where you go in Cuba, you’ll bump right into dramatic pieces of history. In the cities you’ll see colonial forts left behind by the Spanish, and grand art deco hotels that used to cater to the Mafia and Hollywood stars. Every location that played a role in Castro’s revolution is carefully curated. Take a history vacation to see the fascinating origins of modern Cuba.


Many of Cuba’s cities could be described as living museums. Learn about the very oldest Cuban cultures in Cuba’s oldest city, Baracoa. Wander the streets of Old Havana to see Cuba’s most popular historic neighborhood, which still serves as a home to many Cubans.

monuments to the revolution

Cuba has monuments to the revolution nearly everywhere you go. You’ll see a memorial dedicated to Castro’s hero, José Martí, in Havana’s Plaza de la Revolución. Gain some insight into Cuba’s fraught relationship with the United States with a visit to the Bay of Pigs. See the cell where Fidel Castro was imprisoned by Battista at the Presidio Modelo (or “Model Prison” in English) on Isla de la Juventud.

museums and historic districts

In Old Havana you can visit museums with displays on Castro’s revolution and the history of the city inside the palatial buildings that used to serve Cuba’s elite. All of Trinidad is a museum, with its colorful, renovated colonial buildings. Learn about Ernest Hemingway’s time in Cuba at his old house, now a museum that has been maintained to look exactly as it did when the author lived there.

historic itinerary

Tell us what pieces of Cuban history most interest you, and we’ll help you pick destinations. We can book you nearby casas particulares, or even book you a room in a historic hotel.

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