Should I Leave Tipsin Cuba?

Tips are expected for tour guides, cab drivers, servers, and bar tenders. You should also tip your maids and porters. Remember, Cubans make extremely low wages, and your small tips will be a huge help for their personal economies.

If you take a metered taxi ride, you should pay a 10 percent tip. It is best to only take taxis with meters, but if you choose to do otherwise, agree to the fare beforehand.

Tip your server 10 percent of the total cost of your stay. It’s common to tip servers 15 percent for excellent service.

Tip your hotel (or casa particular) maid around 1.50 CUC per day. You should tip hotel porters 1 CUC per guest. Be a little more generous if you have more than a few bags.

Tip bartenders around 1 CUC for every couple of drinks.

Give tour guides a 5 to 7 CUC tip. Tip museum guides 1 CUC.

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