What Kinds of Gifts and Souvenirs Can I Findin Cuba?

Cuba's famous rum and cigars are the obvious choices. Remember that you can only bring back $400 worth of souvenirs, and you must have receipts for everything that you purchase. Only $100 of these can be for cigars, so choose your Cuban cigars carefully. Any cigars that you find on the black market are most likely to be fakes. Moreover, black market cigars won’t come with receipts.

Go the art galleries in Havana and Santiago de Cuba, if only to browse the latest additions to Cuba’s art scene. Original works of art are exempt from the export restrictions on travelers. Varadero has a popular street market for art souvenirs – here you can buy distinctly Cuban crafts and paintings.

Cuba is known far and wide for its music. Look out for albums of Cuban jazz, salsa, and son music.