7 Destinations Worth Dreaming About in 2020 and Beyond

2019 flew by, but we’re not too worried. So far, it’s been a great year—and we know the best is yet to come.

last updated: 1/3/2020

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: A beautiful pagoda has 11 tiers which from a graceful point. To the immediate left is smaller structure. Further left is a three-tiered pagoda. This scene overlooks water and has a green mountain range in the background.

Make your travelling dreams a reality. If not now, when?

Though we offer services in many Central and South American countries, we’re always dreaming of new destinations to explore. Here are some at the top of our list for the rest of the year, and why we’re so eager to visit them.

Bali (Indonesia)

What’s not to love about Bali’s lush landscape, stunning beach scenery, and friendly culture?

We’re dreaming of a few days exploring the rice paddy fields, followed with some delicious veg-heavy local food, and a couple afternoons spent recovering on one of Bali’s many world-class beaches.

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: Delicious and colourful meals sit in woven baskets.

Beautiful and delicious—what a treat!

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: A green hill with sparse cottages in the mountains descends into a series of well-groomed levels sloping down to the valley below.

Agricultural landscapes are stunningly beautiful when so thoughtfully designed.

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: A series of carved steps make a path, and is surrounded by statues. In this water feature swim koi fish. Pagodas and trees are seen along the edge.

This looks like a perfect opportunity to reflect, and seek serenity.


You already know we love South America, and we’re excited to continue planning Chilean adventures through the end of 2020(and beyond!)

Whether you want culture (like in bustling Santiago), history (wandering among the Moai on Easter Island), or adventure (among the towering peaks of Patagonia), Chile has something for everyone. See?

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: An enclosed aerial tram has two pods—one yellow, one orange. They are sailing above the city of Chile; a snow-capped mountain range sits in the background, the city skyline is below, and greenery graces the foreground.

Get a bird's-eye view of Chile on an aerial tram.

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: Cubes of colourful buildings are present on a city hillside—the occasional green space or tree is present.

The colourful architecture which dots the landscape is something to step back and appreciate.

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: Five moai are visible—three are upright; one is tilted forward, and another is tilted back.

Moai—the stone monoliths of Easter Island.

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: A mountain scene displays the colours of nature in rocks, dusty peaks, and flowing water.

Rocky grey scenery with the occasional dusting of snow, blue-green waters, azure skies, and a series of golds and burnt siennas. Nature has a wonderful colour palette.


If you’re looking for dramatic landscapes that seamlessly blend with deep spirituality, the Kingdom of Bhutan is the perfect destination for you.

This small Asian country sits at the footsteps of the Himalayas, one of the last vestiges of the ancient kingdoms that dominated this part of the world. It is both intensely different and welcoming, and the perfect spot for travelers looking to get off the beaten path.

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: Colourful flags and fabrics are suspended throughout as we see buildings leading up a mountainside.

Emerging from the mist of the Himalayas is Bhutan—a country which measures "Gross National Happiness."

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: This photograph taken from above shows a city scene below—a change of pace from some of the architecture found in more remote regions.

Though shrouded in the mountains, Bhutan is not without its infrastructure.

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: The golden Buddha Dordenma statue has a slight smile, and holds a bowl.

A golden Buddha Dordenma sits in the lotus position overlooking Bhutan's capital, Thimphu.

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As part of our ongoing work leading treks on Kilimanjaro, it’s no surprise that we fell in love with Tanzania. This African country never ceases to surprise us with its diversity and hospitality.

Take a luxe safari, and immerse yourself in the urban culture of Dar es Salaam. We're confident that if you come to Tanzania, you’ll be pleasantly surprised — and probably want to visit again in the future.

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: Morning mist is beginning to burn off as the sun rises on a mountain. Green tents dot the landscape.

Explore the diverse scenery of Tanzania—from misty mountains...

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: A hint of golden sunglight graces green plains dotted with a handful of trees.

To green and gold plains...

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: An aerial view of a thriving city scene in Tanzania.

To urban cities. You can have several adventures across Tanzania.

Speaking of Anywhere+, read about one client's experience on Mt. Everest in "The Trek That Changed Me."


When it comes to breathtaking bucket list destinations, Myanmar is rising fast on many people’s list. Who wouldn’t want to watch the sunrise from a hot air balloon over the temples of Bagan?

There’s plenty of culture and outdoor experiences. You'll sense the pride for Myanmar’s past, and hope for the future too.

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: Lanterns float up into the night sky past golden buildings.

It's not every day one sees a golden sky at night. You'll be left in awe when you witness a sky full of lanterns float past golden architecture.

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: Four rust coloured hot-air balloons float past the Myanmar skyline.

As if the scenery wasn't beautiful enough, you can view it all from a hot-air balloon.

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: A male traveller wearing dark-blue shorts and a light-blue shirt stands on a rock observing a waterfall as it rushes and breaks down a slope in—streaming into white channels.

Nature can be humbling—when we stand beside her, we are smalIer than we realize.

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: A beautiful structure sits atop a mountain shrouded in mist.

How does one get to a structure built on the top of a mountain shrouded in mist? Furthermore, how did this get built? Go to Myanmar and ask...


Colombia never fails to surprise. Stroll the colorful streets of Cartagena’s old town, and relax in the chill vibes of Medellin. We’re eager to show you around.

There are also plenty of adventurous opportunities for those who want some open space in South America’s fourth largest country.

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: Photograph of a camera looking down a cobblestone street; to the left and right are brightly coloured buildings with tiled roofs.

Explore the cobblestone streets of Columbia, lined with colourful buildings.

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: A beach scene shows a boat docked in the sand; a section of a cabana; palm trees, and blue skies overlooking serene bright blue water.

Do make time for adventure during your holiday in Colombia, but don't forget to spend a little time getting some rest and relaxation. Sun-soaked nap in a hammock, anyone?

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: A city view shows a variety of architecture, and outdoor dining set up at one of the buildings we're looking at.

Enjoy the cosmopolitan vibe and the architecture when you spend time strolling around Colombia's major cities.

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: A view from outside of the city shows water and an abundance of green space.

Once you've spent time appreciating the beaches and the cities, it's time to venture out a little further and have a more rugged adventure.


Ah, Mexico. For many U.S citizens, it’s so close — yet few have visited. We want to change that (for ourselves, and for you) in 2020 and beyond.

Craving some culture in Mexico City’s floating Xochimilco neighborhood? Want to unwind in one of the relaxed surfing downs along the southern coasts? We feel you!

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: A surfer stands in the ocean observing waves. We see little more than the silhouette because the sunlight is faded, and bathing everything in shades of orange and gold.

A sunlit Mexico is a country bathed in gold.

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: An aerial view of a Mexican city shows a variety of architecture, and reminds us of all the activities we can explore.

Great architecture, historical and cultural activities, and amazing food! Why have you not explored Mexico's cities yet?

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: People are swimming and playing in Mexico's warm blue ocean waters.

You would be remiss if you didn't spend a little time on Mexico's sun-soaked beaches.

Destinations Worth Dreaming Image: A photograph of the Mexican countryside reveals open spaces, clear skies, and mountains tinged with brown and green.

Make time to explore the countryside as well. It's worth the visit.

Bhutan photo by Göran Höglund, Tanzania photos by Leon F. Cabeiro and Rob.