Anywhere’s Trip Postponement Program Lets You Book with Confidence

Anywhere is a time-tested adventure travel agency, and though the destinations we feature are currently safe to travel to, you may have hesitations. This article is to explain how coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting the travel industry, and the measures we’ve taken to ensure your continued safety, security, and comfort. 1. The first thing you should …

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Top 5 Reasons Why Travelers Love Booking Trips with Anywhere

With all the online booking resources available on the internet, why book with Anywhere? Here’s what travelers have to say about how made planning a trip so much easier. last updated: 1/1/2020 We know that traveling to a new destination, especially a foreign country where you don’t speak the language, can be extremely stressful. …

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Costa Rica Mother's Day Image: The three Serkin women wear tank tops and red helmets as they pose together before zip lining.

Mother. Daughter. Pura Vida.

Three generations of the Serkin family women explore Costa Rica on their own terms—learning, laughing, loving, and living ‘pura vida’ along the way. A Guest Post By: Dee Serkin *In honour of Mother’s Day 2018, we’re publishing this month’s client story a week early. It may be too late to plan a Costa Rica Mother’s …

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Everest Tattoo Image: A yellow sign with black letters and a red arrow reads, "This way to Mt. Everest B.C."

Perspective Is Everything

Some journeys have a way of staying with you. Anywhere Plus traveller Dean Collver learned this when he experienced the incomparable beauty of Nepal during the Everest Base Camp trek. Now, his experience will never leave him. A Guest Post By: Dean Collver In 2016, I had a career I loved, was caring for three incredible …

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Getting Around in Costa Rica Image: A white Anywhere van is parked outside of an airport.

Getting Around in Costa Rica – Things You Should Know

Traveling to Costa Rica with a long list of things to see? Getting around the country is as simple as choosing from the four transportation options in this article… last updated: 01/28/2020 You’ve decided that Costa Rica is your dream destination. There are beautiful beaches, majestic volcanoes, and adventure-filled rainforests and canopies to explore — …

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Why Choose A Travel Agent Image:

The Most Crucial Decision of Your Vacation: Travel Agency vs. Plan Yourself

Want to make the most your next getaway by focusing on fun, not logistics? Be sure to make the right choice when deciding whether to use a travel agent or plan everything yourself. last updated: 01/21/2020 How do you start planning a vacation? Here are the typical steps: Do basic research. Plan an itinerary. Organize …

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A toy VW van painted to look like a classic yellow taxi (with black and white accents) sits on a grassy patch of a sandy beach. Atop the toy van is a luggage rack containing toy suitcases in red, yellow, and black.

8 Things You MUST Prepare for A Family Adventure Vacation

Going on a family adventure? That’s great…as long as you have everything you need. Read this article to make sure the entire travel process—from planning to arrival—goes smoothly. last updated: 01/16/2020 Traveling with children does present unique challenges, but it doesn’t have to be the nightmare everyone makes it out to be. There might not …

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Costa Rica Rainforest Tours Image: A sloth hangs upside down from a rainforest tree.

Canopy Tours Of The Costa Rican Rainforest

Not scared of heights? Connect with nature and get a unique perspective of Costa Rica when you go on a rainforest canopy tour… last updated: 01/26/2020 The jungles and rainforests of Costa Rica are perhaps the most extraordinary example of this country’s wild beauty and biodiversity. If you’re not bothered by heights, then the best …

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A man with a blue baseball cap sits in a yellow kayak sport fishing. He has caught a shark.

5 Exciting Costa Rica Activities That Make A Great Story

Bring back a story that you can’t wait to unpack. These activities are some of the most challenging and rewarding tours that you can sign up for in Costa Rica. Each has something special that you can’t capture with just a picture. last updated: 01/24/2020 This list will take you under the waves and deep …

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A dramatic pyramid overwhelms a small village in a valley.

The Best Central & South American Ruins To Add To Your Bucket List

Steep yourself in the unknown, and go see the greatest ruins of the Maya and Inca world. Set deep in protected jungles or high in the Andes, these are the best Central and South American ruins. last updated: 01/17/2020 There is much more to see than history when you explore Central and South American ruins. …

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