Taking A Vacation In Cuba? Remember That Cash Is King

Some credit cards boast that you can use them in all of the places you want to go to. Hopefully, a vacation in Cuba isn't on your list.

Vacation In Cuba Image: A blue classic car with "Cuba" on the front license plate sits across from a tree-lined park.

In Cuba, time has stood still. Not only will you see classic cars, you will find that your credit or debit card does you absolutely no good on this island.

Having no money whilst on holiday is a living nightmare. Hotel overbooked? You find another place to stay. Reservation lost? You dine at another restaurant. Luggage misplaced? You pick up some apparel around town. Run out of money...Oh, right. Resolving issues usually requires access to funds. Yep, it's a proper nightmare. How can it get worse? This could happen:

You go to an unfamiliar country ready to relax and enjoy your trip, only to realize that you’ve lost your luggage and ALL of the cash you need for your vacation in Cuba. American credit and debit cards are not accepted anywhere; you must pay for everything in cash.

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Vacation In Cuba Image: A beautiful but empty Cuban beach is dotted with straw umbrellas.

A day at the beach is hardly that when you find yourself with no money in Cuba.

One Anywhere client experienced this nightmare scenario, but our team in Cuba came up with a quick solution. If he authorized a $1,000 USD charge to his credit card on file, then we would personally deliver this charge pre-converted to Cuban pesos. He agreed. Within 48 hours, the crisis was resolved; his cash only vacation in Cuba was back on track.

Resolving this unfortunate circumstance was a matter of teamwork. The limitations of transferring money to Cuba meant that Anywhere Costa Rica and Anywhere Cuba had to work together to put an end to our client's worries. Fostering a team environment ensures that travel consultants are focused on your best interests, rather than one-upping each other.

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Vacation In Cuba Image: The rich and polished wooden interior of a cigar bar.

Professional travel consultants help you in your time of need so that you can get back to what's important—enjoying your holiday.

When Anywhere Cuba manager José Parrondo brought this story to our attention, we knew we had to share it with you. This scenario is a prime example of why it's important to book your vacation with a company you can trust—especially when travelling in Cuba, or similar countries where there may be unique rules and requirements. Part of building trust is being reliable, and staffing your company with real people. How do you resolve this kind of issue when you have nothing to rely on but automated messages, or emails with a 2-3 business day reply quote?

Online travel portals lack a lot, but their most egregious drawback is a lack of support if something goes wrong. Of course, you don't want anything to go wrong, but what if it does? That hotel and airline booking website won't be of much use. Your hotel will be sympathetic, but losing your money is outside of their purview. Your travel consultant is your friend back home—ready and waiting to assist you if you need it. Enjoy your vacation, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have access to ongoing support.

The dashing manager of Anywhere Cuba, José Miguel. Smiles softly whilst wearing a black polo shirt which matches his black hair.

Anywhere Cuba's delightful Manager José Parrondo.